If you have one of those difficult applications, where an “Off The Shelf” scale just won’t quite fit the job, contact Pacific Scale. Call, fax or e-mail outlining the problem and exactly what you want to do. Include as much detail as is pertinent to the application.

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PROBLEM – A timber processor needed to weigh poles that were loaded on rail cars.

SOLUTION – Two steel cradles, with load cell sensors, were mounted on concrete piers. On the way to the rail car the loader paused long enough to set the load on the scale. The weight is stored in memory. When the rail car is loaded, a weigh ticket is printed showing the net weight, product and time & date.

PROBLEM – A lumber mill needed weights on bundled lumber prior to it’s leaving the line.

SOLUTION – The chain conveyor automatically paused long enough for hydraulic lifters, mounted on a scale, to lift the bundle off the conveyor, weigh it & print a ticket listing weight, time & date and ID.

PROBLEM – A paper processor needed to weigh partial rolls, after filling an order, for inventory records.

SOLUTION – A spreader bar with a built in load cell and battery operated weigh meter.

PROBLEM – A cherry processor needed to fill gallon jars for their commercial accounts.

SOLUTION – A scale with a programmable weigh meter to fit their stainless steel jar filler.

PROBLEM – A customer had a need for a large – 25,000 lb.- TUF-N-LOW floor scale that could be easily moved to different locations.

SOLUTION – Lift truck fork guides built into the scale. To move it they simply unplugged the weigh meter and placed it on the scale deck. The lift truck could then move it to the new location.

PROBLEM – An aircraft company needed to weigh the planes after modification yet did not want to put built in scales in their hanger floor.

SOLUTION – Pacific Scale sales engineers and the customer determined the exact requirements. They then contracted with a manufacturer, who had experience in this type of scale, to design and build it. It’s actually 3 scales with cables to 1 instrument panel.