MODEL 1010-30T Axle Scale

It can be furnished with a simple weigh meter or a programmable meter with stop/go lights and printer.

Options include score board type indicators, radio links to indicators or computers in the office and rubber “T” fillers to prevent debris from entering the gap between the pit and scale.



The model 1010-30T axle scale is a self contained, fabricated steel scale designed for simple installation in a concrete pit. Basically it is placed in the pit and leveled so the edges are flush with the roadway. A single cable is pulled through conduit to the weigh meter – usually in a scale house.

Additional information


60,000 Lbs.


120"L X 120"W X 13"H


Fabricated steel

Load Sensing

4 strain gauge load cells mounted on self aligning stands

Weight Display

Choice of simple or a programmable weigh meter