MODEL TNL92120-25T Axle Scale

The model TNL92120-25T axle scale can be furnished with ramps as shown in the picture and used as a portable above ground scale or it may be recessed in a shallow pit so that the platform is flush with the roadway. If recessed we recommend purchasing a pit frame. A pit frame is a fabricated steel frame that is used as the inner pit form. It is anchored in the concrete and becomes a part of the pit. It’s steel lip prevents deterioration of the concrete pit edge from traffic and built in limiters prevent the scale from shifting and touching the side of the pit.




Your axle scale may be furnished with a simple weigh meter or with an automatic system consisting of stop/go lights and a tape printer mounted on a pole. With this system the driver crosses the scale an axle at a time – guided by the traffic lights – and stops at the pole long enough to retrieve his weigh ticket from the printer located in a box.

Other options include scoreboard type weight displays and radio broadcast of weight data to an indicator or computer in the office.

Additional information


50,000 Lbs.


92"L X 120"W X 6"H


Steel sandwich for high weight/strength ratio

Load Sensing

4 strain gauge load cells with adjustable feet

Weight Display

Choice of digital displays